Maybe the folks at Bitmoji have been taking to heart my “smacks of low effort” criticisms over the past 6 weeks, or maybe they unrelatedly happen to have hired a new creative director. But this latest set of 6 newmojis seems to indicate a bold new direction for the company—oneRead More →


Whether you’re an up-and-coming musical performer or just someone who wants to make a bitmoji band with their friends, this exhibit is here to assist and inspire you. Since Bitmoji does not provide an automated way to generate images that feature several avatars, Bitmojifying your band is going to requireRead More →


Much like “secret menu” items at restaurants, there are certain bitmojis that are only available to those in the know. You’ll never discover them just browsing the app, because you have to search with the right keywords…Read More →


The Museum Archives are an attempt to catalog every one of the 2,700+ bitmojis that have been released since the October 2014 launch of the Bitmoji app. The archives are open for public perusal…Read More →

It’s been a subpar month for new bitmoji releases so far, with a notable and disappointing lack of new art or impressive creativity on display. Nothing has rated higher than an 8 since the release of “Honk! Honk!” in mid-February. Will March close out as disastrously as last month did?Read More →

The good news is that for the second week in a row, we are being treated to the full count of 6 new bitmojis. The weird news is that at least 5 of them were added to the app yesterday afternoon, jumping the gun on Newmoji Friday for some reason.Read More →

Hooray! It’s the first week in more than a month that we’ve had a full set of six new bitmojis released, so it’s finally starting to feel like old times again. But did you notice? Three of this week’s newmojis were released on Monday! (This occasionally happens when one orRead More →

In September of 2015, Bitmoji laudably commemorated the 20th anniversary of a landmark speech given before a UN conference in Beijing in 1995 by Hillary Clinton. The sentiment behind the speech’s repeated refrain date back to proto-feminist South Carolinian Sarah Moore Grimké, who wrote in the 1830s “I know nothingRead More →

Hooray! Strong evidence today that last week’s panic may have been misplaced. Context: every week since 2014 has seen the release of a minimum of 6 brand new bitmojis—until two weeks ago when that number unexpectedly dropped to 4, and last week when it further fell to just 3. DidRead More →

It’s not looking too good, y’all. You may remember that last week I was alarmed that Newmoji Friday brought us only 4 new bitmojis instead of the usual 6 that has been the standard weekly output since the app launched in 2014. Now one week later we’re down to 3Read More →

Only 4 newmojis this week? Hmm… UPDATE 2/21/2019: Time to panic? Unclear. All I know is that every Friday since the release of the Bitmoji app in late 2014, there has been a release of six (6) new bitmojis (and sometimes bonus variants bring that number higher). If fewer thanRead More →