This day we are blessed with 8 new bitmojis

Time to celebrate Newmoji Friday again, and this week’s release brings us 6 new bitmojis plus 2 bonus variants:

Snow Day

I’m loving the care taken with the art on this most wintery of bitmojis, with snow piled high on the ground, outdoor light fixture, awning, and mailbox. No text is needed when the two sets of contrasting poses and expressions say it all, offering us two distinct reactions to opening the front door to check on the weather and being met by a blizzard conditions.

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Did we really somehow muddle through the 4+ years since the release of the app without a single bitmoji dedicated to that most beloved of all confections? Today’s delightful release does what it can to make up for that oversight, surrounding a rapturous waist-up pose and expression with all manner of sumptuous selections, milk, dark, and otherwise.

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Don’t be silly…

With a pose and expression closely matched by 2017’s “Nah fam”, this new bitmoji isn’t breaking new ground artistically, but it’s sentiment is original enough to easily justify its existence. “Don’t be silly…” is a fine phrase that can be used synonymously to ” You misunderstand me” or can be delivered more literally to mean “Quit clowning around”.

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I Guess & Wine, Anyone?

Always happy when we’re treated to bonus variants of new bitmojis, and to have that twice in one Newmoji Friday is extra special. If these dual bitmoji were some of the first to deal with wine consumption, I’d be more generous with their rating. I mean, no doubt they are good. “I guess” plays like an ode to bad decision making while inebriated, whereas its sister “Wine, anyone?” with just a simple removal of text, the tipsy twinkles about the head, and a subtle change in eye art produces a perhaps-even-more-useful bitmoji proffering adult grape juice. But one can’t ignore that this is already much trodden territory in bitmojidom.

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Strange and interesting to note that since late 2014, the bitmoji artists have been laboring under the charming but bizarre delusion that humans strike this odd hands-up / tongue-out pose when they are excited to eat. A quick review of clip art for “hungry” on Google Images shows that the more typical cartoonish trope is to have the character licking their top lip rather than letting their tongue dangle out, and if the hands are in a raised position, it’s because they’re holding knife and fork in anticipation. But whatever, it’s cute.

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OK, sure, we already have a “U stop that!” bitmoji from last year, and another from 2016 of a bitmoji character literally holding a stop sign, but if both of those fail to get your point across—if they were too subtle for your recipient(s) to grasp, and thus ineffective, you can now rely on this more blunt and forceful command for them to desist their offending behavior. Nothing wrong with that.

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NOTE: While the 10-rating, 5-rating, and 1-rating are actual official bitmojis, the rest of the ratings (0, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9) are unofficial custom creations, so you don’t expect to find them in the Bitmoji app or The Bitmoji Museum Archives. Names applied to particular bitmojis are entirely unofficial and used only for convenience.

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