The Bitmoji Museum Archives

The Museum Archives are an attempt to catalog every one of the 2,700+ bitmojis that have been released since the October 2014 launch of the Bitmoji app. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea to wade through such a vast collection without a curator, and you may want to stick to the museum’s main exhibits. But should you be so inclined, the archives are open for public perusal in the form of a Google spreadsheet:


Guide to the Archives

  • The bitmojis are sorted by the year of their release. Use the tabs at the top of the spreadsheet to navigate between years.
  • The default tab when you open the Archives is 2014. Because the Bitmoji app launched toward the end of that year, here you will find many of the original set of bitmojis that came with the app, many of which have since been “retired” and are no longer available.
  • The archives use background colors to make it easy to tell at a glance which bitmojis are currently active (white), seasonal (green), secret (red), or retired (gray) .
  • Active bitmojis are ones currently available by browsing through the app’s main five categories (they can also be accessed via search):
  • Seasonal bitmojis are ones that only appear in the main categories of the app during certain times of the year, such as Thanksgiving-themed bitmojis around Thanksgiving time. These bitmojis are accessible year-round, however, via search.
  • Secret bitmojis are ones that do not appear in the main categories of the app at all, and can only be accessed via search.
  • Retired bitmojis are ones that were at some point active, seasonal, or secret, but are now no longer accessible at all.
  • For only about 20% of the entries in the archives, the “date released” is known accurately. The rest are dated by the earliest instance of that bitmoji posted to the internet that could be found (without spending a ridiculous amount of time on it).

If you have corrections or suggestions to improve the archives, feel free to comment below or send them via email to

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