Secret Bitmojis

Much like “secret menu” items at restaurants, there are certain bitmojis that are only available to those in the know. You’ll never discover them just browsing the app, because you have to search with the right keywords. You’ve probably used the search function a fair bit already, so you may have inadvertently stumbled across a few of these, but never realized just how many there are (over 300 at last count).

Gallery #1: Secrets Revealed

Gallery #2: Variants

Sometimes when a new bitmoji is released it is accompanied by a variant version or two. Most common type of variant uses the same art but with no text; others offer a different textual variant. Some also change the avatar’s pose, expression, or outfit. And some are just outright bizarre. While a handful of variants can be found by browsing the menus in the app, most of them quickly seem to get relegated to secret status.

Gallery #3: Sportsball

Looking for more sports-themed bitmojis? Particularly baseball, hockey, and other winter olympic events? Have at ’em!

Gallery #4: Old Memes and Old Bitmojis

Take a trip down memory lane with these slightly dated memes and references, plus some older non-meme-related bitmojis that are still around if you know what to look for.

Gallery #5: Poses

One of the more useful sets of secret bitmojis feature the avatar striking a pose with no additional art or text—perfect for combining into “group photos” with family or friends, or other creative usage. It’s a shame they’re not more widely known. (The Bitmoji Museum generally features a wide variety of avatars, but so few people have posted these particular bitmojis to the internet, you’re stuck with a certain blue-haired museum curator as your model.)

Gallery #6: Circles & Holes

A similar set of secret bitmojis has sets the avatar inside a colored circle or what appears to be a hole in the floor or wall.

Gallery #7: Wedding

It’s almost criminal that these matrimonial bitmojis have been kept a secret! But now you’ll never have to worry again about getting a wedding invite that isn’t decorated with bitmoji versions of the brides and/or grooms.

Gallery #8: Pride Rainbows & Awareness Ribbons

Lastly, here’s a set of secret bitmojis created for LGBT Pride Month along with another set featuring awareness ribbons in various colors.

Thanks for visiting this exhibit! While a great many secret bitmojis were revealed in these galleries, yet more do exist. For an exhaustive list, you can explore The Bitmoji Museum Archives. More museum exhibits are on the way, but in the mean time: did you realize that new bitmojis are released each and every week? See our reviews and ratings of the latest and greatest Bitmoji releases.

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