Bitmojify Your Band

Whether you’re an up-and-coming musical performer or just someone who wants to make a bitmoji band with their friends, this exhibit is here to assist and inspire you.

Since Bitmoji does not provide an automated way to generate images that feature several avatars, Bitmojifying your band is going to require some basic image editing tools and know-how. But the overall process is simple:

  1. Make sure each member of your band has the Bitmoji app and an avatar of themselves made.
  2. Have all band members send you a bitmoji of themselves holding the appropriate instrument or striking just the right pose (the Secret Bitmoji exhibit might help you find it!).
  3. In an image editor, artfully combine the separate bitmojis into one image. Optionally add things like your band’s name, logo, or even background art.

That’s all there is to it. You’ll find it’s a bit easier to work with bitmojis generated by an iPhone since they are created with transparent backgrounds. If you’re using an Android device, you can use an app like Background Eraser to remove the white background from your bitmoji images, or just do that in Photoshop.

To show off some of the many possible approaches to Bitmojifying your band, I worked with the same set of six models who show off each week’s release of new bitmojis on Fridays. Having just finished a daytime gig as caterers, their matching kitchen uniforms reminded me of the matching outfits some bands used to wear back in the day. So with a cache of instruments lying around my studio and the impromptu addition of matching pink bows for their hair, the photoshoot commenced.

Gallery #1: Sample Band Images with Instruments

There are a limited number of bitmojis in which the avatar is holding an instrument, so your possibilities here are somewhat limited, but hopefully the above examples give you an idea of what can be done. Since the Bitmoji app was never intended for this purpose (replicating in-concert band photos), it’s actually pretty amazing the variety of instruments available.

But most bands, when they are having promotional images taken, don’t bother to bring their instruments. They simply pose as themselves, and if there’s one thing we know Bitmoji is designed for, it’s having your avatar strike a huge variety of poses and emote a wide range of feelings.

Only you know best what look is right for your band. Some of you already have a band name/logo and can use that, while the rest of you might want to do what I did and use a placeholder by grabbing the text from a different bitmoji. Each different name inspired the models in different ways. Which of theses bands would you go see? What do think their genre is?

Gallery #2: More Sample Band Images