3 new bitmojis for Newmoji Friday + 3 new Valentine’s Day bitmojis bring us a total of 6 to review this week… Honk! Honk! Honk! Beep! Beep! Beep! Honk! It’s illegal in many places to text while driving, but are you technically driving when you’re stuck in a virtual parkingRead More →

7 new bitmojis with 3 bonus variants gives us a bounty of 10 new things to review! Legends Only It’s not every week that a bitmoji with this strong of an aura of power and presence is dropped in our laps, and I, for one, am here for it. MaybeRead More →


The Museum Archives are an attempt to catalog every one of the 2,700+ bitmojis that have been released since the October 2014 launch of the Bitmoji app. The archives are open for public perusal…Read More →

It’s been a good month for new bitmojis with just a single 4-rating at the low end and two 9ers to celebrate including… That’s Dark Ominous swirling vortex? Check. Phrase that’s trending in popularity and fills a conversational niche not covered by any of the 2,700+ bitmojis released to date?Read More →

Time to celebrate Newmoji Friday again, and this week’s release brings us 6 new bitmojis plus 2 bonus variants: Snow Day I’m loving the care taken with the art on this most wintery of bitmojis, with snow piled high on the ground, outdoor light fixture, awning, and mailbox. No textRead More →

The second Newmoji Friday of 2019 brings us 6 new bitmojis, plus one variant. Let’s see how they rate: Internet Love Let’s not delude ourselves: much of the Internet is a toxic stankhole of conspiracy-minded lunatics feeding off each other’s sad deprivations and wretched Russian spambots eroding the world’s democracies.Read More →

The first Newmoji Friday of the year brings us a standard set of 6 new bitmojis. Let’s see how they rate: Laundry Day This one certainly fills a niche not already covered by the 2,700+ bitmojis released to date, and does so with style and panache, putting the bitmoji characterRead More →